Lego Challenge

Each year FIRST LEGO League releases a Challenge, which is based on a real-world scientific topic.

Each Challenge has three parts: the Robot Game, the Project, and the Core Values. Teams of up to ten children, with at least one adult coach, participate in the Challenge by programming an autonomous robot to score points on a themed playing field (Robot Game), developing a solution to a problem they have identified (Project), all guided by the FIRST LEGO League Core Values.

On 30 August at noon EDT, get ready. Get set. Roar! Or you could bark, quack, or squeak, because the 2016 ANIMAL ALLIES SM season is all about our furry, feathered, and finned friends. Read more about the 2016 season at

Past Challenges

  • 2015 – Trash Trek
  • 2014 – FLL World Class
  • 2013 – Nature’s Fury
  • 2012 – Senior Solutions
  • 2011 – Food Factor
  • 2010 – Body Forward