Volunteers make up 90% of the Regional Lego Tournament.  There is a volunteer role suited to your unique interest.

Why volunteer at the Southwest Regional Lego Tournament?

  • Make an impact on a young person’s life
  • Help children discover the fun in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)
  • Offer a new approach to learning
  • Introduce critical thinking skills
  • Build teamwork, partnerships and professional behaviors
  • Great outlet to be creative and learn along with the children
  • Develop long-lasting friendships
  • Inspire future engineers of all types
  • Support the growth of the community
  • Encourage leadership skills that will last a lifetime

What volunteer roles are available?

  • Judges – Judges will be assigned to evaluate and score teams: research, teamwork, or robot design/programming. Judges will receive the following from FLL: training and criteria of how to judge the various awards, schedules for the day, and a training packet prior to training. Judge positions are often staffed by local corporate, educational, civic or scientific organizations (you must 18 years or older to judge).
  • Referees: Referees are the ultimate decision makers when it comes to the robot performance competition rounds. They also keep the competition going by moving teams through the rounds with ease, smiles and an understanding that this is a tough competition for the children. Consistency is critical (you must 18 years or older to referee).
  • Scorekeeper: The referee or score runners bring the scores to the scorekeeper who records them in a computerized score spreadsheet and then posts them for the audience.
  • Queue Manager and Team Queuer: The queue managers help teams line up, or queue, prior to entering the robot competition area. Team queuing is key to keeping the event on schedule.
  • Pit manager/runners: Manages the pit and announcements made in the pit area. Ensures teams move from the pit area to the queue area prior to their competition rounds.
  • Field Attendant/Table Setter: These volunteers reset the tables after each round has been scored. They may also double as runners to take the completed score sheets to the scorekeeper.
  • General Volunteers

Interested in volunteering?

Interested in volunteering?